KM Cube provides customised advisory services for its clients. This may include (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Investment advice
  2. Portfolio analysis on multiple custodians on a frequent basis
  3. Portfolio optimization based on several approaches such as Markovitz, Risk Parity, Kelly Criterion
  4. Trade idea generation (on a tactical basis)
  5. Pricing of structured notes 
  6. Leverage the relationships that KM Cube has with its custodians
  7. Historical backtesting of ideas or strategies

In order to provide and construct our investment proposals, we devote significant time listening to our clients’ needs and gather information about their entrepreneurial activity, their family plans and most importantly their investment objectives.

  • KM3 applies an active investment advisory style of service with a personalized and tailored model of tactical investment allocation. 
  • To achieve the ultimate advisory experience we try to combine both traditional in person relationship with our financial advisors and at the same time offer digital platform solutions for the computation of major portfolio advice prerequisites by analyzing risk metrics, return objectives and statistical portfolio formulas. 
  • KM3 is focusing on building trust in every relationship. We believe that the advisory process is not ending on the “promotion “ of a simple investment idea or on a plain vanilla stock pick. We are proactive and follow consistently the performance of a portfolio.