Explore partnerships

Explore our platform, products and third party providers in a multitude of ways. Join a workplace that nurtures creativity and makes work fun!


Do you manage client relationships?

If you are considering the next step we will be happy to discuss. You will have the chance to understand our business model along with the benefits of making synergies together. Our business proposition produces win-win deals for all participants.

Do you run algorithms or trading strategies?

When great minds come together, BIG ideas come to life. We will carefully consider and evaluate your strategy and find ways to deploy it with real assets.

Are you a third party provider of investment products?

We will be happy to hear about your services and what is to be offered


Curious and creative?


We offer mentorship to students and youngsters to help them determine their career path. We do it in a structured way and we will happily do it for you!

University assignments

We offer a variety of projects to university students that want to work with real and practical problems we face in business every day. Our projects are a combination of technology and finance in a variety of size and complexity

Capital markets competition

Every year, during spring we run an investment competition. Before bell rings, we organise three to four educational sessions covering the topics we aim to compete. The competition starts in teams of two managing a mock portfolio of EUR 1M. Interested? The winner takes it all!

I want to participate


We regularly offer interships in our company.