Diversify Your Portfolio with KM Cube’s New Bond-Focused Certificate


KM Cube Asset Management is pleased to announce the release of a new investment certificate (AMC) that targets government and corporate bonds. This exciting new offering provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to the bond market.

Our team of expert analysts has carefully selected a portfolio of high-quality bonds that offer a compelling combination of yield and stability.

In addition to the benefits of diversification and income generation, the new certificate offers investors the convenience and flexibility of a professionally managed investment product. Our experienced team of investment professionals will continuously monitor and manage the portfolio, ensuring that it remains aligned with the investment objectives of the certificate.

In KM Cube we are committed to providing to our clients with innovative investment solutions that offer attractive risk-return profiles even for smaller portfolios that unable to diversify fully in the bond market. We are confident that our new bond-focused certificate will be a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.