Being established as a successful Ambassador of the world class international institutions he has been employed, he has gained thorough experience & understanding in banking & financial industry with in-depth knowledge of sales/revenues-cost/benefit dynamics. His overall experience and his recognized successful track record gives him a thorough understanding and expertise in business development/modelling and planning of successful strategies for a consistent, compliant and profitable business. He has been also involved in business development with both entrepreneurial and consulting activity enhancing holistic business understanding and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

After a successful career in London since 2001 in money & capital markets trading and having been a senior Private Banker with Eurobank, he joined Credit Suisse in 2013. During his career at Credit Suisse among clients’ origination and Wealth Management of High Net Worth Individuals he has also been actively involved in strategy definition and business development for the establishment of Credit Suisse’s advisory branch in Athens. Since 2017 George participated in the successful establishment of EFG Bank Luxembourg in the Greek market.