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The information contained in this website is provided by KM Cube SA. for reasons related to informing clients and familiarizing them with essential issues of the Capital Market. The notes posted here constitute informative advertising announcements and in no case constitute investment advice or incitement or offer to participate in any transaction. No information posted on this website has not taken into account the personal circumstances of the recipient, and in no case should be construed as an appropriate investment for the recipient, nor a way of achieving the specific investment objectives or cover any other needs of the recipient, nor a substitute for any contract texts relating to the transactions described here. For these reasons, each investor should make their own assessment of any information provided in this communication and should not rely on any such information as if it were investment advice.

Posting of KM Cube SA on this website, which contains an opinion or valuation in relation to specific investments or investment strategies constitute general investment recommendations and publications for marketing purposes and have not been prepared by KM Cube SA. in accordance with the requirements of the law, aimed to ensure the independence of investment research. In no case, these announcements do not constitute investment research or financial analysis.

The data contained herein such as views, prices, amounts, or interest rates are indicative, reflect our assumptions and estimates, as well as the available information to us on relevant market data. All these data have been obtained from sources that are considered reliable and have made all due diligence for their proper processing. However, they have not been verified by the issuers, no warranty, covenant, or implied, is given as to their accuracy, completeness, or validity and in no way constitute an offer to enter into transactions thereon. Therefore, we do not provide any assurance that our assumptions and estimates are the only correct ones or that the available information to us is complete and accurate.

KM Cube SA does not receive and does not include in this website investment research and financial analysis conducted by third parties unless such research and analysis are published or communicated to the public. The views and assessments set out here relate to the trend of domestic and international financial markets at the date indicated and are subject to change without notice.

It is pointed out that KM Cube SA including:

  • It is not subject to any portfolio trading restrictions prior to the publication of the posts/recommendations on this website.
  • It may provide information, investment, or ancillary services to one of the publishers for a fee.
  • Μay has issued notes in the past or has made posts that are different or incompatible with the information presented on this website.
  • It may, at the request of the investor, make available to it an electronic list of all its posts concerning the same financial instrument or the same issuer, which it has made during the previous twelve months.

  • It has adopted and implements special procedures for the prevention and management of conflict of interest situations, that may arise in the provision of investment and ancillary services.

KM Cube SA and the individuals who are responsible for the production of their announcements,  do not take positive or negative positions in excess of 0.5% of the total issued share capital of the issuers, which may be included in its recommendations, are not specialized traders or do not provide liquidity for issuers ‘financial instruments, are not and have not been, during the past 12 months, principal coordinators or contractors of the issuers’ financial instruments and do not enter into agreements with issuers in the production of the recommendation.

KM Cube SA explicitly states that:

  • Investing in financial instruments carries risks. The initial value of the investment and its return may increase or decrease, with a possible loss of invested capital. Interested investors are invited, before making any investment decision, to carefully review and read the Basic Investor Information and Financial Bulletins of the Financial Instruments in which they wish to invest and to assess the suitability of their investments with the assistance of their investment advisors. transactions they wish to carry out.
  • the figures refer to the past and that past performance is not a sure sign of future performance.
  • the figures are for simulating the past performance and that these past performances are not a reliable indication of future performance.
  • Forecasts of future performance are not a reliable indication of future performance.
  • The information provided in this form is not accompanied by any warranty, either express or implied.
  • The tax treatment of the information and transactions referred to herein also depends on the individual data of each investor and may change in the future. Therefore, the recipient must seek independent advice on the tax legislation that governs it.

KM Cube SA is not obliged to update or keep up to date the information contained on this website.