Distribution of investment products

Athos Global Navigator fund

The flagship of our product offerings is the Incometric Athos Global Navigator Fund. The Fund is a Luxembourg-based UCITS that aims to perform absolute returns in every environment.

Incometric Athos Global Navigator focuses on capital preservation and attempts to minimize correlation to stock and bond prices. Its strategy holds a core portfolio of fixed-income securities plus some high-conviction stocks for the long-term, topped-up with an overlay strategy of financial derivatives to weather the downturns.

Incometric Athos Global Navigator is a readily available, transparently priced, operationally simple instrument for every portfolio. It comes with the strong culture of investor protection and rigorous supervision of the Luxembourg regulators, CSSF.   Click here to learn more about the Fund.

Athos High Peaks

The investment objective of the ATHOS High Peaks Greek Equities Fund is to achieve long-term satisfactory returns, mainly driven by capital appreciation and dividend income, while minimizing investment risk.

To this end, the fund invests at least 65% of its assets in shares listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and, secondarily, in securities listed in EU markets, οr in supervised third country markets.

ATHOS High Peaks Greek Equities Fund is exposed to high investment risk and is primarily aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon (over 5 years) who understand that due to the nature of the markets it invests in, the value of the fund’s assets may show strong fluctuations.

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