Product generation

Structured notes offer indirect access to alternative risk premia (particularly correlation and volatility) something that can be explored in your portfolio allocations. In recent years, sophisticated investors private, as well as institutions, are using alternative sources of risk to enhance performance on their portfolios.

Our company has established relationships with large structuring vendors that offer products issued by top tier banks. This makes pricing more transparent and competitive for our clients.

Examples of structured notes

Some examples of structures:

  • Vanilla
    1. Barrier Reverse Convertibles
    2. Inverse Barrier Reverse Convertibles
    3. Reverse Convertibles
    4. Capital Protection Certificate
    5. Autocallables
    6. Bonus Outperformance Certificates
  • Relative Trading
    1. Indices
    2. Equity Shark Notes
    3. Credit (CLNs -with conditional issuers)
    4. Trading On Lookbacks
    5. Twin Win Notes
  • Tailor Made Strategies
    1. On Interest Rates
    2. On Equity Positions
    3. Portfolio Hedging
    4. Volatility